I don't usually do this on my blog, but as I am planning to file a complaint to iHerb (or if possible, to Madre Labs the brand itself), I felt the need to list up the related facts and the photographic evidence. I already have written a more or less same posting in Korean and shared it with many others.







Product in question : Madre Labs, unscented witch hazel toner

Site of purchase : iHerb.com

Date of purchase : 30 Dec. 2014 (product received on 4 or 5 Jan. 2015)

Place of residence : Seoul, Korea


Notes :

- I am a long-term user of Thayers Witch Hazel Rose, the alcohol-free version. I found it mild on the skin and fit for the cleansing and soothing function it claimed to perform. I just felt curious for other witch hazel products on sale in iHerb.

- My husband majored in chemical engineering (master's degree) and he currently works as a chemical product safety regulator. He also used to work in a major precision glass manufacturing company.


Outline of facts :

- I broke the seal of Madre Labs on 21 Jan. and wet my cotton pads with the content. But the moment I gently rubbed the pad on my cheek, the way I do with Thayers, I felt light irritations similar to burns and scratches.

- The product also had an unexpected smell, sort of a mixture of hay, plastic and petroleum. (I am aware that the term "unscented" does not mean that it has "absolutely no smell" but the thing is that I found the smell highly disturbing and possibly headache-provoking as well.)

- My husband found no apparent problems in terms of physical formulation, at least based on the ingredient indication on the bottle. But he did point out that there were "unexplained" fiber-looking substances in the liquid.







He placed the bottle upside down and left it for a while until the substances sank down to the bottleneck. He then quickly drained out a cupful of the liquid, the fiber-looking substance with it.







Using tweezers, he scooped out the substance and placed it on clean, black paper box for clear visibility.







He also collected some of the amount in a plastic bag, which he said he would take to his lab and analyze, should he find the time.





Preliminary observation :

- Particles are sharp, crystal-shaped, and break easily under soft pressure.

- Particles look closest to glass fibers, which should not exist in the formula according to the ingredients list.

- If confirmed to be glass fibers indeed, these particles woud break down into micro units that may penetrate into the skin without the user's knowing and cause irritation.


In-depth observation :

- Particles look close enough to glass fibers, but further confirmation needed. What is sure is that they are inorganic fibers that are highly likely to be glass fibers. (thus nothing like solidified herb extracts, which the brand may say they are.)

- Given formulation may not have produced such particles. Suspected cause is the inside material and status of the water purification system, used to refine the ingredient water.

- The existence of the disputed particles probably differs on the production batch, meaning that the batch using the upper part of the purified water may be clear, whereas the batch using the sunken part of it may be so contaminated.

- The unpleasant smell, too, may possibly be the result of the abnormal chemical production.

- The recent cold weather had nothing to do with the fibers.


Temporary measures :

- We are keeping the product, though it seems that we have already extracted most of the suspected fibers out of the liquid. We also have the fibers kept for in-depth lab test.

- Right after I finish off, I will file a complaint to iHerb and if possible, find a way to access the brand headquarters. I'll keep the consequences posted on my blog.










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  1. 2015.01.26 17:18 sephora  댓글주소  수정/삭제  댓글쓰기

    정리 잘하셨네요~ info@madrelabs.com 본사이멜요. (이미 아시겠지만...ㅎㅎ) 본사반응 너무 궁금해요. 캐나다에서도 업뎃 기다릴께요~~

    • 배자몽 2015.01.26 17:37 신고  댓글주소  수정/삭제

      아이허브 & 마드레랩스 본사 양쪽에 다 이메일 보냈어요. 시차 때문인지 아직까지는 답변 없습니다만... 피드백이 오는 대로 계속 업데이트 할게요 :)

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    저도 이 제품 쓰고 있는데 순간 보고 헉 했네요 ㅠㅜ 업데이트 기다릴게요

    • 배자몽 2015.01.27 11:17 신고  댓글주소  수정/삭제

      아이허브 & 마드레랩스에서도 다 답변 왔고, 성분 분석도 마쳤어요! 이따가 일 끝나고 자세히 업데이트 올려볼게요 :)

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